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BinGarden™ Announce Newly Granted Patent: "A Storage Housing for a Waste Receptacle"

WOKINGHAM, England, October 13, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

Last Tuesday, Nicholas Staley was granted a patent with serial number GB2483302 by The Intellectual Property Office of theUnited Kingdom.

Grant of the patent is expected to be announced, by the IPO, in the Patent Journal on Nov 4th 2015.

Similar patent grants are expected to be issued shortly, by the USPTO for U.S.A. and in 38 European countries by the EPO with trademark grants also expected to follow thereafter for Europe & the United States of America.

Inventor, Nick Staley (42) said: "It's a Wheelie Bin Cover 'planter' hide-away with a flower drawer that auto-lifts the bin's lid. Bins / trash cans are all over the world in vast numbers. People DO want to HIDE them, it's a huge market."

An attractive opportunity exists now for a large Manufacturer to flood the marketplace with Bin Garden products, under protected patent grant status. Bin Garden Ltd have detailed technical plans for how to make them.

Bin Garden Ltd seeks either capital investment to deal direct with a large scale factory themselves or they will offer manufacturing rights under license to an appropriately sized established manufacturer via the terms of a licensing agreement.

Nick added: "Dragon's Den or Shark Tank Investors may be approached, its early days yet but we are on a mission to store ugly wheelie bins and hide smelly garbage cans beneath flowers, herbs, fruits, plants and veggies worldwide."

The invention appears as an attractive wooden planter full of flowers and plants. However, it secretly doubles as a storage housing disguising a wheeled refuse bin / trash can, kept hidden out of sight inside this exciting new BinGarden™ garden product.

In an easy single-handed motion, without need to touch the dirty bin, a user slides the plant drawer which auto-lifts the bin's lid providing access to the bin to throw the trash inside. Pushing the drawer closes the waste receptacle.

Rival lid-lifting bin covers suffer a design flaw, the wheels and handles get stuck out of reach at the back. The heavily-loaded bin becomes extremely difficult to turn around, users risk strain injury whilst also having to manhandle the dirty discharge end of the bin, the end that gets dumped in the bin lorry. (Eww!)

The different and opposite orientation of the bin lid opening, means; on bin collection day, the BinGarden™ allows one to roll the bin straight in and out the correct way around as it was designed to be used, through the disguised door.

- Why risk Injury? - Just ROCK n ROLL!

Bin Gardens will be available in three sizes, small, medium and large to hide different bin sizes.

Bin Garden Ltd has headquarters in Wokingham, Berkshire, U.K. Serial Inventors Nick Staley and father Cyril. With a whole host of BinGarden™ products as well as other innovative patented products coming to market; they're actively enlarging their IP portfolio.

Website: http://www.bingarden.com 
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Flowers hide Garbage Can, herbs store Wheelie Bin. Plants cover trash. Fruit, veggies, weed? Bin Gardens hideaway cans. Sliding top automatically operates bin's lid. A bin storage disguise, looks like a decorative planter brimming with pretty plants with the scent of fragrant flowers, instead of trash!

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N.B. Daily Mail reports on an old dustbin cover prototype, not the new, Wheelie Bin Cover:Bin Garden

Nick is Managing Director of Bin Garden Ltd who can be contacted by phone on:

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