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British Inventions Available for Global Licensing (or Regional licenses)

1) Wheelie Bin Cover Invention, see UPDATE! 20th Aug 2015: (Now funding on Kickstarter, click here to see the Bin Garden Kickstarter campaign:

2) Toilet Stopper Invention, see

Invention 1) Is the Wheelie Bin Cover. A decorative planter disguise to hide unattractive wheelie bins, (or otherwise known as: trash can, wheeled bin, garbage can, garbage can with wheels, wheeled out refuse cart, otto, 2 or 4 wheeled trash/garbage/cart, rolled out refuse cart, mobile garbage bin, Herbie Curbie, herby curby, dustbin, rubbish bin, refuse barrel, trash barn, trash barrel, waste receptacle, container bin, waste container, litter bin or litter receptacle) The Invention hides your rubbish away and emits natural floral smells from the plants instead of the stench of the waste inside. The wheelie bin goes in and out on its wheels the correct way around unlike other bin covers and it has a sliding top so you don't have to touch the bin, it slides and opens the bin lid for you. Twin and multiple covers for all sizes of bins are possible to make, market and sell on a royalty license agreement via myself and the licensing agent. It may also be lockable to prevent theft. For further information and to see various working prototypes visit:

Invention 2) Is the Flood Toilet Sewage Stopper. A handheld device that can be kept near to a basement or ground floor toilet to prevent sewer backup during flooding. It can be fitted quickly if you know of a flood alert or are going on holiday in toilet bowls to prevent the back-flow of raw sewage into homes and businesses thus avoiding expensive foul flood-water & sewage penetration within properties. For more information and to see working prototypes in action visit:

N.B. The RHS (Right hand side) video demonstrates the problem that the Flood Toilet Sewage Stopper solves.